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American Asphalt Shingles

American Asphalt Shingles

American Asphalt Shingles from CertainTeed are a durable, light weight and modern roofing product that compares visually to the aesthetics of a natural slate roof. The flexibility and strength of the American Asphalt Shingles allow it to be adaptable to a wide variety of roof designs, providing a modern, streamlined finish.
Wells Roofing offers two American Asphalt Shingle roofing alternatives; the XT25 and Hatteras. Both shingle types are unique in their performance and design capabilities.

XT25 American Asphalt Shingle

Standard American Asphalt Roof Shingle (305mm x 914mm)
100km/h wind resistance
Size: 305mm x 914mm (127mm exposure
Weight: 10.74kg per square metre
25yr year Warranty

Hatteras American Asphalt Roof Shingle

Premium oversized shingle (457.2mm x 914.4mm)
High Wind Resistance (177km/hr)
40 year Warranty
Weight: 11.5kg per square metre
Extra heavy- duty fibre-glass mat.
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